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Set up the airplane parts!

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◆◇◆ Learn! Play! An Experience! ◆◇◆ ◇◆◇Let's pretend!! Kids AIRLINE!◇◆◇ “Let's pretend!! Kids AIRLINE!”is a new entry to the Role-playing App series where you brain-train while playing interactively!
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◆◇◆Application Details!◆◇◆
--Make over 1.6 milliondifferent airplanes designs from the different parts
Build an airframe with 14 different airplane nose motifs, 10 different main wings, 6 different tails, and 6 different vertical tails. Design the airframe, the wings, and tails with 20 different colors and 16 different patterns. Combine all the different parts to come up with your very own, one of a kind design. You can even create the captain and cabin attendant with the 12 different head, body, and leg parts. With over 1,700 different combinations, you will be able to enjoy making your favorite, over and over again.
--Let’s head to the skies on your very own airplane!There is a lot of fun and cool things to do and see way up there
Soar yourself into the skies from the airport to all around the world on your personal airplane. There is a lot of fun characters, various famous sites, interesting cloud shapes, and other airplanes too. They all have a lot of fun gimmicks to them. If you see anything fun, go ahead and touch them and see what happens.
--Learn while you play
While kids have fun setting up their very own airplane using the various airplane nose parts, wing parts, and more, they will also naturally learn about spacing and depth perception, as well as gain a sense of creative expressions. They will also gain a sense of colors and designs from setting up the colors and patterns to the airplane too.
--Make your cool airplane freely
Following the building steps, kids can build an appealing and beautiful airplane freely. This app is designed for your kids to gain fulfillment from creating an airplane by themselves.
◆◇◆Series Characteristics◆◇◆
*The application was made from test plays by children of the target age.
*The controls are made simple so that it can be played by 2 year olds. There’s simple voice guides and on-screen finger marks as well.
*Children can gain confidence through easy to understand goals. There are many points where parents can praise their children to give them the praise and confidence they deserve.
*There are various brain-training features introduced through the role-play experience.
*A dedication to make the experience as organic as possible was done through the visuals and processes.
Kids can enjoy"Let's pretend!! Kids AIRLINE!" with their parents. Have some brain-training fun with your kids!--------------------------------------------*Target age:3 year old and up